Armenia Mountain Wind Farm - Troy, PA (2009-2010)

The Armenia Mountain Wind Energy Project consisted of 67 GE wind turbines, 18.5 miles of access roadways, 67 turbine sites, and improvement of 10 miles of town roadways. The project was completed within a 7 month time schedule. The total project area was 4.5 miles wide by 10 miles long.

Butler Ridge Wind Farm - Mayville, WI (2008-2009)

The Butler Ridge Windfarm consists of 36 General Electric 1.5 megawatt wind turbines. Each unit is about 300 feet high and 280 feet in diameter, with 140 foot blades. The turbines were situated in a 3 mile by 6 mile area and placed atop rolling farm hills. The construction of the substation and operations and maintenance (O&M) yard was also included in the project. Other important aspects of the project included constructing 8.5 miles of access roadways, foundation excavation & backfill, crane pad construction, erosion control, delivery assistance, and restoration. Intersection improvements were required for the delivery of the components.

Zeloske Marsh Wetland Restoration - Lake Mills, WI (2007)

The Zeloski Marsh, also known as the Muck Farms, is located in Lake Mills. The Muck Farms was started in 1946 by the Zeloski family. Dennis Zeloski kept the farm operating until his recent retirement. He wanted to preserve the land that is recognized as part of the Southern Wisconsin and the Northern Illinois Drift Plain. The area is ranked third in the top 20 most threatened major resources based on market value. About two years ago the farm was sold and the process of converting the farm into wetlands was started.

The project consisted of restoring 1,500 acres of marginal farmland to wildlife habitat and required filling in 2 miles of ditches, disabling 12 miles of drain tile and constructing 4 miles of berms. Wondra Excavating installed 7 water controls structures in four wetland basins resulting in 560 acres of shallow marsh and constructed six islands totaling over 19 acres and four smaller islands. Over 151,000 cubic yards of fill was placed to create the berms and islands and 55 steel sumps and junction boxes were removed. The project had to be completed in 67 calendar days. The Muck Farm was turned from marshland to farmland over a 60 year period. The Zeloski Marsh was returned to wildlife habitat in a little over 60 days.

Wondra Construction was awarded the ABC National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award for this project, as well as the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction award. They received the STEP Gold level safety award in 2006, and the Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association safety award for outstanding safety performance in the 50,000 to 100,000 man hour category.

State Hwy 16/67 Bypass Marsh Excavation - Oconomowoc, WI (2002-2003)

The State Highway 16/67 Oconomowoc Bypass is a $45 million, 7.9 mile, four-lane bypass highway, scheduled to be completed by 2006. This project was for the first two contracts to excavate the marshland soil and replace it with imported granular backfill in preparation for the road construction to follow the next year.

The project cost was $1,335,990 and included clearing and grubbing, erosion control, marsh excavation, import granular backfill, common excavation and restoration. Wondra Construction would perform all the work.

The project was for two contracts, representing work in two different locations. The first was in Waukesha Country, in the town of Oconomowoc, and required working on the north and south sides of the Oconomowoc River. The distance was .455 miles. The second location was in Jefferson Country, in the town of Ixonia, and the distance was .435 miles.

The project required working in four locations located in Jefferson County, Waukesha County, and the towns of Ixonia and Oconomowoc. It required working with the WI-DOT, the counties, the townships and the DNR. The townships did not want any traffic on their roadways. The contractor was required to present a haul route and obtain any necessary permits from any effected government agency. With over 450,000 CY of material needing to be hauled in and out from the project locations, unique methods of construction and close coordination was required to keep the project on schedule. The project required extensive clearing and grubbing work as well as building haul roads to the work areas to handle heavy construction activity. Cold winter weather service frost conditions were overcome to complete the project almost two months ahead of schedules with a 15% increase in construction quantities.

Wondra Construction was awarded the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project.

Total Contract: $1,335,990

Start Date: 10-14-2002

Completion Date: 5-06-2003

US Highway 45 Outagamie County - New London, WI (2001-2002)

The project consisted of constructing a 1 mile stretch of the proposed US Highway 45 from County Highway W to Cross Road by New London in Outagamie County. The project consisted of 283,000 cubic yards of common excavation, 71,000 cubic yards of marsh excavation, clearing and grubbing, erosion control, salvaged topsoil, restoration and construction staking. This was the first phase of the project. We were to move the mass dirt and let it sit for another construction season before the gravel and concrete work would be let.

The common excavation was on the north end of the project, with cuts of 20 feet deep. The dirt was to be hauled to the south end of the project, where the marsh excavation was to be filled and another 20 feet of of fill was to be placed.

The rolling surcharge method used to fill the marsh excavation was very critical in the success of the project. It was not known if the site conditions would allow this type of marsh excavation until Wondra was in the field. Working closely with the Wisconsin DOT, they were able to perform the marsh excavation and rolling surcharge methods as planned.

Wondra Construction worked over 11,700 man hours with no OSHA recordable accidents or fatalities on the project work site. They received the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project.

Total Contract: $932,075

Start Date: 8-02-2001

Completion Date: 5-31-2002

99.7% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.

Grand Chute Mud Creek Detention Basin - Appleton, WI (1999-2000)

To alleviate flooding along Mud Creek, the town of Grand Chute decided to hire Wondra Construction to construct a 37-acre detention basin, designed to hold 156 million gallons of water. The size and scope of this project was enormous. The weather and site conditions were equally challenging. Excavating a seven-acre site over 45 feet deep and then finishing the balance of the 30 acres with 3 to 1 slopes and building a roadway for trucks to drive around the perimeter required constant innovation to meet the daily challenges encountered. The different soil conditions encountered during the excavation required unique solutions every day to keep the project moving along. Up to 15 dump trucks were used, over 20,000 work hours were recorded and the job was completed with no lost time due to injury.

Wondra Construction was awarded the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project, as well as the S.T.E.P. Platinum level safety award for the year 2000. Over 20,000 injury-free man hours and over 15,000 accident-free hours of hired dump trucks were recorded during the project.

Total Awarded Contract: $3,057,825

Total Contract: $3,170,806

Start Date: 7-06-1999

Completion Date: 10-31-2000

52.4% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.

Air Park Dr. Street & Utility Construction - Watertown, WI (1998-1999)

The city of Watertown, WI was constructing a new industrial park. The first two companies to locate in the park were Wisconsin Furniture (Custom Shoppe) and Symbol Mattress. A rapid construction schedule was required to accommodate the needs of Wisconsin Furniture, whose factory had burned down on March 3, 1998. The project was delayed until the city and the DNR could resolve the designation of a wetland in a section of the park. Construction started on September 16, 1998.

The work included the construction of 8,000 linear feet of 12" watermain, 900 linear feet of water service, 8100 feet of 12"-48" storm sewer, 150 linear feet of 8' x 6' box culvert, 5,000 linear feet of 18" sanitary sewer, 50,000 cubic yards of unclassified excavation, 15,500 linear fete of concrete curb and gutter, 30,000 tons of base course, 8,000 tons of asphaltic pavement, 55,500 square feet of asphalt sidewalk, 300 cubic yards of rock, 250 terrace trees and terrace landscaping.

Wondra planned to start on the west end of the project site in order to complete road construction for a Wal-Mart store before winter. In order to meet the construction schedule for Wisconsin Furniture, construction was started on the east end instead. The city added 265,000 cubic yards of unclassified excavation to the contract. Over 100,000 cubic yards of material was hauled nearly one mile to prepare another site for future development. Wondra was still able to meet the project deadlines, while also doing site work for two factories being constructed at the same time.

Total Contract: $2,432,981

Start Date: 9-16-1998

Completion Date: 8-27-1999

Northeast Germantown Sewer Project - Germantown, WI (1997)

In 1997, the village of Germantown, WI was developing a new business park on the north side of Germantown and needed sanitary sewer service for the business park as well as for future development to the north. They designed a gravity feed sanitary sewer interceptor system to meet those needs.

The project consisted of underground utility construction of 7,900 linear feet of 30" sanitary sewer concrete pipe with 21 sanitary manholes at an average depth of 22 feet. It required 3,000 cubic yards of rock excavation and a 417 foot bore under a dual line railroad track 44 feet above. The ground water table was about 4 feet from the ground service, so dewatering was required for the duration of the project.

Wondra Construction won the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project, as well as the S.T.E.P. Gold level safety award in 1998. 8,200 hours were recorded on this project with no OSHA recordable accidents or fatalities on the project work site.

Total Contract: $1,462,771

Start Date: 2-26-1997

Completion Date: 9-12-1997

70% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.

County Highway CB Construction - Winnebago County, WI (1996)

The project scope was to construct 2.6 miles of County Highway CB in Winnebago County, Wi, from State Highway 150 to County Highway BB. Project time was 110 working days. It included clearing & grubbing, aggregate base course, storm sewer, concrete box culvert & asphalt pavement. Other phases of the project included bridge construction, final grading, gravel placement and concrete work.

The majority of the project involved the two approach fill areas being constructed for the bridge over the railroad tracks. Each appproach fill area was 1,000 feet long by 40 feet high and 260 feet wide at the slope intercepts. The rest of the project involved the construction of roughly 2 miles of new roadway.

We worked with the town of Menasha, WI, on this project, as the road runs through it. We constructed a temporary road across railroad tracks, and worked closely and safely with railroad personnel. The town of Menasha, Winnebago County, city of Neenah and the WI DOT were all involved in the project. A bike bath was added as a cooperative effort of the municipalities.

Total Contract: $2,579,267

Start Date: 6-25-1996

Completion Date: 11-26-1996

46% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.

State Highway 33 Reconstruction - Columbia County, WI (1995)

The project scope was to reconstruct 4.16 miles of State Highway 33 in Columbia County from State Highway 22 to County Highway SS. Project time was 80 working days. It included clearing and grubbing, roadway grading, aggregate base course, asphalt pavement, one bridge, pavement marking, and landscaping.

The project required the excavation of two wildlife ponds. Stockpiling of the marsh material on adjacent wetland areas was prohibited. We were able to excavate the ponds with a backhoe and move the material to a wetland mitigation area. Rock excavation quantity was 15,000 CY. Instead of blasting the rock, we were able to rip the rock with a CAT D8N dozer, load the rock onto scrapers, and place the rock the road subgrade.

Wondra Construction worked 7,300 man hours without any lost work hours and had only one recordable accident on this project. We received the Gold level S.T.E.P. Safety Award in 1996. We also won a safety award for outstanding performance in 1995 from the Wisconsin ABC Safety Committee.

Working with nine subcontractors and coordinating the work schedule we were able to complete the project in 80 working days.

Total Contract: $1,589,712

Start Date: 6-12-1995

Completion Date: 11-9-1995

37% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.

Sun Prairie Business Park Phase IV - Sun Prairie, WI (1993-1994)

The project involved an addition to the city's industrial park. Included was the construction of streets, underground utilities, detention basin, park, pediestrian pathway, signage, restoration and landscaping.

The pond construction and underground utilities were the two major parts of the project. It required close coordination of our excavating and underground crews in order to meet the construction deadlines. There were heavy rains and flooding in Wisconsin during the spring and summer of 1993 resulting in very wet ground conditions. Dewatering of the site was necessary for underground utility work.

Over 7,500 hours were recorded on this project without any accidents or injuries. Wondra Construction earned the S.T.E.P. Silver level award for safety in 1994.

Total Contract: $1,640,531

Start Date: 9-25-1993

Completion Date: 6-25-1994

Project Values

Safety is fundamental to our culture, and our primary goal. Everyone has the right to go home at night. Our goal on every project is to safeguard the public and our employees, and to protect the environment.

Acquiring the right goods and services on time at the lowest possible cost, uncompromising integrity, honesty, and fairness are at the heart of our company.

We meet the demands of a changing era through sound construction operations, preserving historic scenery and creating environmentally green projects.


Wondra's commitment is to provide cost efficient, high quality projects. We deliver each project on schedule, recognizing and meeting all of our clients' requests. We deliver the best construction projects utilizing our own resources - Manpower, Organization, Management, Hard Work, and Experience.

We are commited to excellence, providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient construction. We stand by everything we do.


Wondra Construction, Inc. has the capability to coordinate input from multiple team members and has developed techniques to insure that all projects meet time and budgetary constraints. We utilize our own human resources to accomplish all contract and project management, civil and site utility work and have teamed with specialized subcontractors to broaden our capabilities.

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