Air Park Dr. Street & Utility Construction – Watertown, WI

1998 – 1999

The city of Watertown, WI was constructing a new industrial park. The first two companies to locate in the park were Wisconsin Furniture (Custom Shoppe) and Symbol Mattress. A rapid construction schedule was required to accommodate the needs of Wisconsin Furniture, whose factory had burned down on March 3, 1998. The project was delayed until the city and the DNR could resolve the designation of a wetland in a section of the park. Construction started on September 16, 1998.

The work included the construction of 8,000 linear feet of 12″ watermain, 900 linear feet of water service, 8100 feet of 12″-48″ storm sewer, 150 linear feet of 8′ x 6′ box culvert, 5,000 linear feet of 18″ sanitary sewer, 50,000 cubic yards of unclassified excavation, 15,500 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter, 30,000 tons of base course, 8,000 tons of asphaltic pavement, 55,500 square feet of asphalt sidewalk, 300 cubic yards of rock, 250 terrace trees and terrace landscaping.

Wondra planned to start on the west end of the project site in order to complete road construction for a Wal-Mart store before winter. In order to meet the construction schedule for Wisconsin Furniture, construction was started on the east end instead. The city added 265,000 cubic yards of unclassified excavation to the contract. Over 100,000 cubic yards of material was hauled nearly one mile to prepare another site for future development. Wondra was still able to meet the project deadlines, while also doing site work for two factories being constructed at the same time.

Total Contract: $2,432,981

Start Date: 9-16-1998

Completion Date: 8-27-1999