County Highway CB Construction – Winnebago County, WI


The project scope was to construct 2.6 miles of County Highway CB in Winnebago County, WI, from State Highway 150 to County Highway BB. Project time was 110 working days. It included clearing & grubbing, aggregate base course, storm sewer, concrete box culvert & asphalt pavement. Other phases of the project included bridge construction, final grading, gravel placement, and concrete work.

The majority of the project involved the two approach fill areas being constructed for the bridge over the railroad tracks. Each approach fill area was 1,000 feet long by 40 feet high and 260 feet wide at the slope intercepts. The rest of the project involved the construction of roughly 2 miles of new roadway.

We worked with the town of Menasha, WI, on this project, as the road runs through it. We constructed a temporary road across railroad tracks, and worked closely and safely with railroad personnel. The town of Menasha, Winnebago County, the city of Neenah, and the WI DOT were all involved in the project. A bike bath was added as a cooperative effort of the municipalities.

Total Contract: $2,579,267

Start Date: 6-25-1996

Completion Date: 11-26-1996

46% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.