Grand Chute Mud Creek Detention Basin – Appleton, WI

1999 – 2000


To alleviate flooding along Mud Creek, the town of Grand Chute decided to hire Wondra Construction to construct a 37-acre detention basin, designed to hold 156 million gallons of water. The size and scope of this project was enormous. The weather and site conditions were equally challenging. Excavating a seven-acre site over 45 feet deep and then finishing the balance of the 30 acres with 3 to 1 slopes and building a roadway for trucks to drive around the perimeter required constant innovation to meet the daily challenges encountered. The different soil conditions encountered during the excavation required unique solutions every day to keep the project moving along. Up to 15 dump trucks were used every day for 9 months, over 20,000 work hours were recorded and the job was completed with no lost time due to injury.

Wondra Construction was awarded the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project, as well as the S.T.E.P. Platinum level safety award for the year 2000. Over 20,000 injury-free man hours and over 15,000 accident-free hours of hired dump trucks were recorded during the project.

Total Awarded Contract: $3,057,825

Total Contract: $3,170,806

Start Date: 7-06-1999

Completion Date: 10-31-2000

52.4% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.