Mason Creek Stream Restoration – Hartland, WI




The Mason Creek Restoration project involved converting a 1,200-foot straight, channelized stream into a 1,700-foot meandering stream, within a wetland area. The project was a result of 30 local stakeholders wanting to improve the local watershed and working together to improve the environment. The project used a new stream restoration design requiring precision grading and material specifications. Wondra Construction, using a GPS machine control grading excavator and a low ground pressure track truck, was able to meet the project requirements and schedule.

Haul roads built with marsh mats were used by low ground pressure track equipment so the existing ground conditions would be saved from disturbance. The project encountered numerous artesian springs along with several major rain events. To handle the large amount of water and protect the stream during construction, several diversion channels were designed and built to move the water around the work area as the old and new stream channels were connected. Despite these challenges, the straight, phosphorousladen stream was transformed back to a natural, meandering, class one trout stream. The completed Mason Creek Stream Restoration project will continue to support the wildlife and serve as a valuable asset for the local ecosystem and downstream properties.