State Hwy 16/67 Bypass Marsh Excavation – Oconomowoc, WI

2002 – 2003





The State Highway 16/67 Oconomowoc Bypass is a $45 million, 7.9 mile, four-lane bypass highway scheduled to be completed by 2006. This project was for the first two contracts to excavate the marshland soil and replace it with imported granular backfill in preparation for the road construction to follow the next year.

The project cost was $1,335,990 and included clearing and grubbing, erosion control, marsh excavation, import granular backfill, common excavation, and restoration. Wondra Construction would perform all the work.

The project was for two contracts representing work in two different locations. The first was in Waukesha County, in the town of Oconomowoc, and required working on the north and south sides of the Oconomowoc River. The distance was .455 miles. The second location was in Jefferson Country, in the town of Ixonia, and the distance was .435 miles.

The project required working in four locations located in Jefferson County, Waukesha County, and the towns of Ixonia and Oconomowoc. It required working with the WI-DOT, the counties, the townships, and the DNR. The townships did not want any traffic on their roadways. The contractor was required to present a haul route and obtain any necessary permits from any affected government agency. With over 450,000 CY of material needing to be hauled in and out from the project locations, unique construction methods and close coordination were required to keep the project on schedule. The project required extensive clearing and grubbing work and building haul roads to the work areas to handle heavy construction activity. Cold winter weather service frost conditions were overcome to complete the project almost two months ahead of schedule with a 15% increase in construction quantities.

Wondra Construction was awarded the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project.

Total Contract: $1,335,990

Start Date: 10-14-2002

Completion Date: 5-06-2003