Sun Prairie Business Park Phase IV – Sun Prairie, WI (Award Winner)

1993 – 1994







The project involved an addition to the city’s industrial park. Included was the construction of streets, underground utilities, detention basin, park, pedestrian pathway, signage, restoration, and landscaping.

The pond construction and underground utilities were the two significant parts of the project. It required close coordination of our excavating and underground crews in order to meet the construction deadlines. There were heavy rains and flooding in Wisconsin during the spring and summer of 1993, resulting in very wet ground conditions. Dewatering of the site was necessary for underground utility work.

Over 7,500 hours were recorded on this project without any accidents or injuries. Wondra Construction earned the S.T.E.P. Silver level award for safety in 1994.

Total Contract: $1,640,531

Start Date: 9-25-1993

Completion Date: 6-25-1994