US Highway 45 Outagamie County – New London, WI

2001 – 2002


The project consisted of constructing a 1 mile stretch of the proposed US Highway 45 from County Highway W to Cross Road by New London in Outagamie County. The project consisted of 283,000 cubic yards of common excavation, 71,000 cubic yards of marsh excavation, clearing and grubbing, erosion control, salvaged topsoil, restoration, and construction staking. This was the first phase of the project. We were to move the mass dirt and let it sit for another construction season before the gravel and concrete work would be let.

The common excavation was on the north end of the project, with cuts of 20 feet deep. The dirt was to be hauled to the south end of the project, where the marsh excavation was to be filled, and another 20 feet of fill was to be placed.

The rolling surcharge method used to fill the marsh excavation was very critical in the success of the project. It was not known if the site conditions would allow this type of marsh excavation until Wondra was in the field. Working closely with the Wisconsin DOT, they were able to perform the marsh excavation and rolling surcharge methods as planned.

Wondra Construction worked over 11,700 man-hours with no OSHA recordable accidents or fatalities on the project work site. They received the ABC of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction Award for this project.

Total Contract: $932,075

Start Date: 8-02-2001

Completion Date: 5-31-2002

99.7% of the work was completed by Wondra Construction.